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This is a Sacred Time and a Sacred Journey To Love

We are here in this sacred process at this moment of time on earth to start to remember who we truly are as we are returning to the most beautiful place.

We have come here with a very big mission. This mission that we are here to complete is a mission of love.

Love is the sacred mission something that has been lost for a very long time now. It is time for us to start to remember what true love really is.

We have become so far out of touch of what our true essence really is, we are Divine Love we are divine souls we have come here truly for the most sacred and blissful existence as we are returning to love.

How do we open to love, how does one open to love? Opening to love is opening to our true Divinity and Divine nature. We must be prepared to release all understandings of what we truly believe we are. All understandings and levels of distortions within these understandings as they have been interpreted through the human mind. For us to truly open to the sacred space of love, we must be fully prepared to understand we do not know what love is.

Once we can consciously put aside all attachments, all interpretations, all limitations, and I'll need to define what purity is, where it comes from, what its purposes is, and why we must experiences this, then we can start to open to something new, something that is not defined, this is now creating space for a birthing.

To open to love, we must be ready to birth something new.

We must we be prepared to birth something new? The understanding cannot just be defined in words. We are expressing a multi-dimensional opening of something that is ever expanding, it is infinite it is the pure streams of the universe the multi-verse in all understandings of existence. The framework from which all is built from.

The farther we look into this, the more we realize the harder it is to define what love is,.

We must start to think, not from a mind, a place, a space, that is of human understanding. This is a place of infinite universal understanding.

What is the purpose of love? The purpose of love is to remind us of our true universal soul essence. The question is, not how do we open to love? How do we open to our universal Divinity of our true essence of what we truly are? This is the understanding of our perfection, of our purity, of the Father, Mother, God, Goddess. Creator of all, we are reaching a point in this conversation that we are now prepared to speak of love.

As you see this is not for the human ego to interpret. This is the process of consciously creating an energetic space, to allow an opening.

This is how we create an opening, one that is not from the mind. One that is involved in universal conscious expansion. One that is not full of attachment to the outcomes, or the necessity to fully understand the process. The importance of this is to create the energetics space, to allow the soul to step forward and awaken to the true essence without distortions.

This is a process of deconstructing the human condition, to allow exponential growth of the soul, as the soul truly is love, once we can get to a point of allowing the soul to be awakened.

Now that I have your attention. I want you to feel the energetic shifts in your frequency. As we are awakening this consciousness of creation, without limitations, as love is truly sacred, this is a sacred process, for each one of you on this journey.

To open to love, we must be ready to open to ourselves, in a beautiful sacred way. This is not something you can be told, this is something that comes from within, this is something that connects you to the universal life force of creation, remembering your true divine essence. This means all of your programs of limitations are no more. This is your zero point where you're connected to all, the light flows through you in the most purifying frequencies of plasma light.


I want you to grasp loosely, the understanding of how far we've gone away from this process. We have completely forgotten who we are. We have completely forgotten how connected we all are. We have forgotten our true divinity as a sovereign being. This purity I speak of cannot truly be defined.


So once we talk about opening love, I ask you do you remember who you are? I ask you to you relate to how beautiful your true essence is. You are the most magnificent being with a completely unlimited potential. Have you ever felt truly at home in every single cell in your body, with every soul in your life, with the work you are doing is it of full-service? You must be in a position to be free.

Once you are in a position to be free, we are starting to open to love. We are honouring ourselves, we are honouring all others as we embody this. Love cannot be found when we are in denial of your cosmic soul.

Once we start to remove all of the layers of understanding, we are then able to start to see, how far away we have come from the understanding of love.





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Hello Beloved  Souls,

Welcome to Starseeds Changing The World, I AM Richard Luminous Melchizedek , and my soul purpose in this lifetime is to help bridge the path of those spiritually awakening to the NEW EARTH. I am the Founder of the Starseeds Changing The World,I am here to share with you the transformational energies from Pure Source Creation, The Galactic Realms, and The Councils of Light. I have had 200 lifetimes, I am member of Melchizedek order, and a Starseed. I work as a Divinely Guided vessel as I share Quantum Light Language Energetics, Quantum Activations, Light Codes, Photonic Light, Plasma Light, DNA upgrades, Light Body Activations, Merkaba Upgrades, cutting through all ego and working through the quantum fields to release limiting energetic patterns, signatures, templates, and paradigms.You can connect to the the Divine Cosmic Soul Being that you are. We all have the Divine Soul inside of us and just waiting for Quantum Frequencies to resonate upon it to remind us of the True Divine Spark that you are and the greatness that you have come from.


Every week we upgrade, download and expand our consciousness while we anchor the incoming ascension frequencies from the Galactic Councils of light from 5D - 12D. There is a Weekly Ascension Frequencies Zoom Call. All of the previous calls are available for purchase in the meditations section.

I found Richard, and Starseeds Changing the World page, soon after I started speaking light language. I really resonate with Richard and the message of love and New Earth that he is sharing so generously. 

If you know that your gifts are on the brink of emergence, but you are not quite sure how to get over the edge I would highly recommend a session with Richard. His clarity and power are super strong, he will channel in all of the codes that you need right then and there and activate your light body in new ways (that sounds a bit cheeky but its true) and then things will continue to magically unfurl overtime. 

If you are dubious but curious about light language give it ago. For me, it is one of the most healing, uplifting, transformative and heart and soul centred tools available. 


If you want to have a quantum shift in your evolution work with Richard.

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My name is Cinda and I have been joining in on all the Ascensions calls since March 22/19. Two days after the April 28th Ascension call with Richard I was driving in my car to a place that has a bridge over a very deep gully. Usually I would be terrified and not even dare look any where but straight ahead because otherwise I feel like I will pass out. And if you knew me you would know just how terrified of heights I have always been. Well I got to the bridge and stopped in the middle of it and looked all the way down and do you know at the time it didn't even dawn on me what I was doing. Not until I got to my destination did I sit and think "wait a minute I just looked down without being afraid or like I was going to pass out". So on my way back home I tested it again on the same bridge. Same thing!! I was so shocked all the way home.....grateful and shocked!!  I have also tested it several times since. Its just gone!! Richard said a past life trauma healed which definitely resonates with me. What Richard is doing is amazing work as a higher dimensional channel straight to us....HE IS THE REAL DEAL and I am grateful!! Thank you Richard


Below is a Testimonial from Anita Roush who participated in our recent "Quantum Accelerate Your Highest Life Path". One week after this is what she had to say...

Let me tell you 💥BOOM💥! Mind blown.

Your powerful class has opened up my healing gifts so much that every session I have with someone is on target and blows their mind!!! 🧠

God, angels and all of my guides channel through me with miracles for people’s healing. 😇❤️😇

Just wanted you both to realize the gift you are giving us.

I even have begun seeing Light Language messages. My latest one was a canvas of 100 beautiful suns.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anita Roush